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Investing in Crypto, Stocks and Real Estate.
  • 0% Commissions
Investing in the world’s leading stocks is now more affordable than ever. What’s more, there are also no limits on commission-free trades and you can buy fractional shares.

What does “zero commission” actually mean?

Zero commission means that no additional fee has been charged. Most brokers add a dealing charge when you buy or sell shares through them.

Many brokers also charge a quarterly management fee and/or administration fee. TraderWeb-FXTM never charges any management, administration or ticketing fees. TraderWeb-FXTM even absorbs Stamp Duty and Financial Transaction Tax for clients where applicable: an additional saving of 0.5% in the UK, 1% in Ireland, 0.3% in France, and 0.1% in Italy.

How do I invest in stocks with 0% commission:

1. Open Account

registration is free

2. Make your first deposit

as low as $200

3. Choose your favorite stock

from the world’s top exchanges

4. Click Trade

registration is free

Your gains go to you, not to your broker

When you invest with a traditional broker, you first pay commission which eats into any potential gains — meaning that you will lose a part of your profits before you have even begun trading. With Theowlet Crypto Trade, you won’t pay any markup on the shares you buy, so that the commission stays in your pocket, instead of going to your broker.

Why stop at 0% commission?

The advantages of buying shares on TraderWEb-FXTM do not end with unbeatable pricing:

No limit on trading volume
Ability to buy fractional shares
Receive notifications on volatility and market events
Free access to TipRanks expert stock analysis

Build your ultimate crypto portfolio

  • Trade a wide variety of leading cryptocurrencies and crypto crosses
  • Follow each coin’s trends with advanced charts and analysis tools
  • Create a custom Watchlist and stay informed with real-time updates
Top Cryptocurrencies To Trade
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Build your ultimate Stock portfolio

  • Trade a wide variety of leading Company stocks and shares
  • Follow each stock trends with advanced charts and analysis tools
  • Create a custom Watchlist and stay informed with real-time updates

Build your ultimate Forex portfolio

  • Trade a wide variety of leading currencies.
  • Follow each forex trend with advanced charts and analysis tools.
  • Create a custom Watchlist and stay informed with real-time updates.

Hassle-free payments

Buy cryptocurrency without deposit fees via a wide variety of payment options, including credit card and PayPal.
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